We have had numerous Hoodies and T shirts made by Christine. Amazing work. Very friendly.

Twice I've gone to Chris with an idea for a shirt and twice she has surpassed my expectations a delivered a great product at a reasonable price! If you're looking for custom shirts this is the place to go. You won't be disappointed  <3 thanks guys Cheers!

Christine & Gary always amaze us with their talent.... They are our go to people!

A fantastic place to browse for 1 of a kind items! Love my wee wooden canoe. Thanks!!

On 3 separate occasions I have gone to see Christine about making a custom personalized shirt/ sweater. On each of these occasions she has been incredible. She even special ordered a sweater in the the colour I asked for and made sure it was perfect! Every request was met with the utmost courteous manner and friendly attitude. I will certainly be back for more as the prices are fantastic as well. Thanks Christine for all your help and speedy turnaround! I only wish I had taken pictures to share...

This is a wonderful store full of just...everything! Need a game for a rainy day at the cottage - stop here, need a last minute gift for someone, stop here. Need some soap, flip flops, a tshirt etc...? get one here. An eclectic mix of new and used items, you're sure to find something that fits your needs and the owner is a wonderful, welcoming lady. Be sure to check it out.

I had been wanting to stop in to this location for some time on one of my trips past for some time by the time I finally did as I had seen so many interesting things online and heard so many great things about this business. I'm so glad I stopped when I had lots of time to explore! There are so many things to look at. The biggest draw for me was the huge collection of vinyl they have! I ended up leaving with an awesome record as a surprise gift for my boyfriend and we will definitely be going back to explore.

I would also like to add that the lady that helped me was very friendly and accommodating, which was really great :)

Christine and Gary are not only wonderful hosts of this amazing Emporium, but they are caring 'community spirited' folks who really care. A visit to "Emporium 41" is a must. Items are beautifully displayed. Plan to spend time browsing and visiting when you arrive. A collectors dream come true, or just forgot my toothbrush and towel...got some for me......YES!!!!!!

Explorer's Eco Emporium is a unique store that offers a bit of everything.... literally. You would typically find this type of store in a city environment, but it is so nice to have it offered in rural eastern Ontario!! It is a wonderful place for locals and cottagers to buy gifts, clothes, or last minute items that they may have forgotten when heading to the lake. A must see!!!

When the store opened I was curious to see what was there. I live in the area and so I wanted to encourage and congratulate the new owners. A new business is never easy but when I visited I was so pleasantly surprised. The store is amazing and if you can't find something Christine will do everything in her power to find it for you. I love checking out all the nooks and crannies because new stock is constantly being added and so you never know what's around the next corner. It's a fun, friendly store to visit. The Eco Emporium is a wonderful trove of treasures and lots of memorabilia that bring back lots of great memories. Christine and Gary are wonderful, helpful, hard working entrepreneurs as well as being inviting and friendly. I would encourage everyone to check out the Emporium for a great experience.

A real surprise when we visited the store. We initially went to the store to purchase bait for our fishing trip and ended up browsing for half an hour. An eclectic mix of items we purchased for ourselves as well as a gift. Friendly and knowledgable staff...will definitely be returning!

I thoroughly enjoyed both of my visits to your Emporium ! The extreme diversity and selection of all your products is nothing short of Amazing ! At your Emporium, one can purchase,(or simply browse), virtually anything that one could imagine. My favorites are your seasonal items, both gifts and unique decorations that compliment every special time of year...just a terrific job ! Combine all this with your friendly attention to your customers, and I've described a wonderful place to visit ! I will definitely return !

So glad I visited this unique store. Very pleasant and helpful owner. Reasonable prices and loads of different items from a blast from the past,to new or used items. Decorations for Halloween are amusing indoors as well as outside of building. Will definitely return and will recommend this store to family and friends!

We have stopped into your store several times and always have a great time exploring your store. We each bought different items .One of mine is especially sweet it is a small delicate penquin ornament. I also had you locate me a curio cabinet. At a very reasonable price. I have always been satisfied leaving your store with a special item or more. Will definitely stop in your store again. It was delightful to meet you and enjoy your helpful and cheerful attitude and attention Thank you so much. I will definitely tells others about your unique store.

We love our drives in the Country, we came upon this store on one of our outings and I bought quite a lot that first time. We have visited several times since and I always find something different. Lots of interesting items to look at too.

Something for everyone. I could have spent hours in the store as there is so much to see. Amazed at some of the items, they brought back wonderful childhood memoires. The owners were so helpful, and if they don't have what you are looking for, they are more than happy to source it for you. I felt that I was visiting old friends. I will definitely be visiting this store again and will be letting my family and friends know about this gem too...Well worth a visit.

I would like to thank you, Christine, for your kindness and hospitality to my sister-in-law visiting from Ireland. She had set out for a long walk on a very hot day and you offered her water, and a ride back to our place if she needed it. She couldn't say enough about how nice you were. I can assure you that I will be promoting your store whenever I can and will be visiting you shortly to see your eclectic array of merchandise.

Thank you Christine for these awesome t-shirts! Amazingly quick service and great price!!


 · September 11, 2017
Amazing store! Definitely recommend a visit to this vintage and collectibles haven. Leave enough time to take in all the unique and interesting treasures.

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